What are the cancellation fees for dog walking / doggy day care and notice period?

Cancellation charges for day care will be incurred unless booking is cancelled within the month before your dog is due to attend. For example, if you will need to cancel any days in September then you need to do so by the end of August (the month before) to ensure you are not charged. Cancellation charges are the full cost of day care.

What happens if I am late for picking up my dog from doggy day care?

If you purchase a half day service and fail to pick up your dog by 1pm, you will be charged the full day rate. If you purchase a full day service and fail to pick up your dog by 6pm, a £5 inc vat late fee will be applied for every 15 minutes thereafter.

Are Pawtopia insured to walk and look after dogs?

Yes, we are fully insured to professionally care and look after all dogs. Our insurance also covers all public liability, daycare, control of dogs, custody, boarding and loss of keys.

Can I come and visit the Day Care before sending my dog?

Yes, before taking on any dog, we will meet you and your dog personally. We find it best for you to come to the centre so we can show you where your dog will be staying, the set up of the business and the opportunity to meet some of the dogs your dog will soon be friends with!

Will my dog be fully supervised

Your dog will be constantly supervised in all play times as well as any social interactions with other dogs. Providing a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment is our priority, so our staff will always be at hand.

Do I need to be at home when you collect and drop off my dog?

No, most clients are happy to provide us with a set of keys so we can collect and drop off when nobody is home. Keys are kept in a safe and no address is left with the keys. If you wish to stay home, we will do our best to plan our daily pick up and drop off route to your convenience.

What happens on the days it's too cold or wet to play in the fields?

We have heated cabins equipped with beds and toys, for the days that the dogs fancy staying indoors. The cabins are open all day and the dogs can come in and out as they please. We also have an all weather area that is all astro turf and paving, so you dog won’t come home muddy.

Does my dog have to visit on a regular basis?

No, we have dogs that visit daily and others that visit once or twice a week. We do encourage owners to book their dogs in at least once a week to maintain familiarity.

Can Puppies attend Day Care?

Yes, they are welcome to attend from 12 weeks old. Their days are structured to balance play and rest time because the puppies are still developing but they will benefit greatly from the socialization and training exercises.

How do you know my dogs will get along with the other dogs?

We only accept sociable dogs. We determine the behaviour and personality of your dog when conducting the initial assessment. Due to our strict process it is unlikely that your dog will have any fall outs.

Do you train the dogs?

We will conduct basic training practices throughout the day. The training principles of sit, stay and return on call are always used to help reinforce the dogs training. Many owners notice significant improvements in their dogs behaviour because of the constant interaction with humans and other dogs.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

We will always call you immediately should any situation arise while your dog is in our care. Once the situation is assessed, if deemed urgent, we will take your dog to the local veterinary practice or your nominated vets. All your dogs veterinary details are required on induction.