Day Care

Pawtopia doggy day care boasts fully fenced fields, 4 heated kennels, a heated log cabin with balcony and alcoves underneath with dog beds, day bed for the dogs to laze in the shade….. And of course plenty of toys!

All the fun is constantly supervised by Luka and his fully trained staff. Each morning Luka or one of his team will turn up to your house to pick up your excited doggy and drive them straight to our day care centre.

The dogs will then be free to play, exercise and learn new skills with their doggy friends before returning back home in the evening, happy and relaxed after an action packed day. Pawtopia doggy daycare has indoor and outdoor areas so they can play in the acres of fenced fields, take a dip in the swimming pool or relax in the log cabins…..No matter what kind of weather we are having the dogs will always have somewhere to play.

Luka and his experienced team are with your dog all day long, to ensure full supervision of the doggies. The teams have carefully structured each day to ensure there is a correct balance of play and relaxation. Along with the use of Fitbarks for all our regular dogs who attend day care, we are able to monitor their health, sleep, and activity patterns to further ensure that your dog is getting the most out of their time at our day care centre. For more information on Fitbarks check out the Fitbark tab. No matter what kind of dog you have we will ensure the day fits your pet’s requirements.

All Dogs wishing to join Pawtopia’s Doggy Daycare will need to undergo a ‘meet and greet’ session to ensure that your dog is suitable to joining our pack.

We send photos and videos of your dog at our day care centre, and send them directly to you, so you can see what your dog has been up to whilst at our day care centre.