Socialisation during COVID-19: Importance of doggy day care centres

Parks have now reopened but what does that mean for us with dogs? Well with a social distance rule of 2m means that our dogs should also keep this distance from both other dogs and humans. This means that it makes recall even more important than normal, as pre-covid, we would be happy for our dogs to run up to other dogs and allow them to run and chase each other. Even other dogs coming up to us, we would give them a stroke and say ‘hi’.

So, if you are one of those people whose dog loves other dogs and loves to play and socialise with its own kind then one should look at sending your dog to a day care centre for a day or to doggy park days where protocols have been put in place around COVID-19.

Here at Pawtopia, we understand the importance of socialising your dog as well as making sure that we are doing our part during COVID-19.


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