Little Paws Club

Little Paws Club

Little Paws Club is a doggy daycare like setting for small dogs and puppies to build their confidence around other dogs. There is a least 1 experienced staff member for the 6 dogs in the session and it runs from 9am-12pm. We help the puppies have lots of positive experiences and make sure that they are interacting correctly (if they want to engage) and try to help them find their confidence whilst in a safe and secure space.

We will help in teaching your puppy all the things needed to grow and develop in their early stages of development once the puppy is safely vaccinated up to when its 12 months old.

Why puppy socialisation is important?

As soon as your puppy is safely vaccinated and able to explore the outside world, it’s time to get him socialised. This means not only introducing him to new dogs and people regularly, but also encouraging him to have a range of different experiences in a positive way; from being on public transport, to walking on sand or paddling in the sea. The more textures, sounds and sights your puppy experiences, and begins to associate in a positive way between the age of 10 and 20 weeks, the better. Here’s a list why it can help:

  1. A socialised dog is a confident, happy dog:
    Socialising your puppy prepares them for the world, so that they won’t be scared of new things later on.
  2. A socialised dog will have fewer behavioural problems:
    Because they won’t be fearful of new things or certain experiences, they are less likely to develop fear aggression or bad behavioural habits.
  3. A socialised dog can be left at day care or boarding:
    Happy and confident dogs are much easier when you go on holiday; you can take them to a doggy day care centre or dog boarding facility without worrying about them not getting on with other dogs.
  4. A socialised dog is a sleepy, well-behaved dog:
    When you are socialising your puppy they will tire quickly due to how hard their brain is working to process the new experiences; a tired puppy is a well behaved puppy!
Important facts
  • Little Paws Club runs from 9am to 12pm every Saturday.
  • Drop off after 9am and pick up before 12pm.
  • We have a max of 8 puppies per session to 2 humans.
  • We create a WhatsApp group to send you photos and videos of your dog having fun with us at Little Paws Club.
  • Payment must be made in full prior to your session and there is no refund for a no turn up or cancellation prior to the session.
  • Puppies can attend 10 days after they have had their final vaccinations.



Little Paws Club £18 inc vat