We Love Every Dog

The welfare of our dogs is paramount. We have many years of experience in how to run a doggy day care environment that is safe for all. This includes strict entry requirements which are essential for good doggy day care dynamics, such as:

  • We only accept friendly, social dogs that have a minimum booking of one session per week, as regular attendance ensures all the dogs know one another and become friends.
  • We only allow mature male dogs that are neutered and we don’t accept female dogs when they are in season. The exceptions to these rules are for puppies under the age of 1 who haven’t been spayed or neutered, however, after a year if the client has no intention of spaying or neutering their dog then we cannot allow them to further attend doggy day care.
  • We have restrictions on some breeds, sizes, temperaments or dogs that that have a more physical approach to play.
  • We have restrictions on puppies that are not vaccinated and dogs with contagious illnesses.

We are mindful that doggy day care is not right for every dog. We’re here to make sure your dog’s day care experience with us is a safe and happy one. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.